We offer expedited and dedicated services for Dry and Reefer in our main lanes which extend from Ontario to Alberta.


Gorilla Transport is a leading trucking company serving Western Canada. We specialize in the transportation and delivery of temperature-sensitive goods such as:

We are experts in the logistics, monitoring, and delivery of products that require a wide variety of temperature ranges. We can help you find a solution for perishable food items, which often require proper refrigeration for optimum freshness. We can also set up warm, greenhouse-like atmospheres for items such as plants and flora. Whether your goods require a heated, dry, ambient, or cold environment, our temperature-controlled trailers will ensure that they reach their destination as specified.

Our truck drivers are specially trained to check and adjust the temperature controls as frequently as needed. This is especially important for long haul routes, where your goods may pass through a variety of climates. We ensure that chilled goods maintain their low temperatures through warmer areas, and products that require a heated environment are protected from freezing in colder regions. Our trailers are also pre-cooled or heated to ensure that your products maintain the correct temperature at all times.

We can accommodate a variety of load sizes, including both full truckload and less than truckload shipping options.


We also ship dry goods with the same care and efficiency as temperature-controlled goods. With Gorilla Transport, you can rest assured that your shipment will arrive safely and on-time.

We are experts in the storage, transportation and delivery of dry or fragile shipped goods. We have a variety of dry vans and load sizes to fit your requirements. For more information on our fleet and services, visit our Equipment page or Contact Us for more information on booking a vehicle!


Gorilla Transport is a reliable and secure provider of automotive goods transportation. We know that it is imperative for your parts to arrive at factories and dealerships in pristine condition. We pride ourselves on the careful transportation and shipment of automotive parts that are used in the vehicles millions of Canadians drive nationwide.

We have a wide variety of trucks and trailers to suit your shipment’s size and requirements. To see our fleet, visit our Equipment page, or Contact Us for more information on booking!